A Site Not To Behold

Why, some of you may be asking yourselves, is there no report from the Garforth game on here? The answer is I didn't go - it's a simple as that. No inclination to go either.

Instead I had an afternoon catching up on stuff I've been putting off for a while and occassionally dropping in on City's game at Blackburn via some websites that currently inhabit a legally grey area.

In order to try and keep up-to-date with what was going on around the division Mossley play in though, I had the misfortune to visit a website that operates in a completely different area altogether. One of shoddy amateurism with the faint aroma of stale urine. On second thoughts scrap the latter description because the pee has already been taken with the official Unibond League website.

After over twelve months into the job as the league's web partners, Sponsor-Link (an e-business company who don't appear to have their own website) still can't provide a site that is fit for purpose.

Ignoring the clumsy navigation, videos that start playing as soon as you land on the site and a list of other annoyances to long to go into, there were no match updates (even though people were texting in the scores to them), the First Division South's results still weren't on the site a full two hours after the games had finished, even though league table was relaying news of a 19-16 scoreline at Grantham, a 9-5 result at Chasetown and a 13-4 triumph for Lancaster over Prescot.

I would take the trouble to complain but I already know that the reply would put the problem down to 'teething trouble' despite, as I said earlier, the whole thing having been 'teething' for most of this year. If you don't believe me check this thread on nonleaguezone.

Of course the Unibond League have to take their share of the blame too. It's up to them to ensure that the website is fit for purpose and on this past weekend's evidence it isn't.

Actually I should have said the Northern Premier League because if anybody from the sponsors parent company Henkel saw the abomination their name is attached too they'd probably go ballistic. I mean, if you manufacture adhesives would you want your name plastered over something that never gets fixed?

What makes the whole thing laughable is that last season I, and a lot of other supporters in the three divisions, were told in no uncertain terms to stop posting footage from matches on YouTube because they may not be, and I'm quoting directly here, "of a quality that will reflect positively on the competition and our sponsors."

Yet here we are in the latter stages of 2009 and the league seem to be quite happy with a web site that not only makes them look incredibly amateurish, but probably does more to hurt the credibility of their product than a brief clip of a great goal scored at, say, Bamber Bridge ever will.

So while it may be a new season and a fresh beginning for clubs and supporters, it appears it's same as it ever was at Comedy HQ. I mean, if it's broke - why bother to fix it?


NZ Neal said...
10:38 pm

Hi SJNR, I for one prefer your quick You Tube highlights to trying to troll around other sites that I'm not familiar with and take too long to find. The down to earth sideline eye (complete with oop north accents) at Seel Park are a real look forward to for me. Keep up the good work I say, even if I'm your only blog reader/watcher take heart in that your efforts are appreciated down in the antipodes!

SJNR said...
12:25 am

Hi Neal,

Thanks for the comments. It's good to know that someone likes them, especially as I found out recently that a good number of Mossley supporters don't watch them.

Unfortunately because of the leagues ridiculous YouTube ban, there won't be as many videos as I'd like on the site this coming season. When we're away from the auspices of the Unibond though in the cup competitions I'll endeavour to put some highlights on the site. Authentic accents and all!