Kidsgrove Athletic 3 - 1 Mossley

Er... yeah, we lost apparently. Three goals to one.

Three for Kidsgrove Athletic and one for Mossley. The Grove easing past the Lilywhites by a relatively comfortable margin. A two goal cushion.


This was Mossley's last friendly before the start of the season. One they'll begin at Garforth Town who play in blue shorts. Which coincidentally is also the colour of Kidsgrove's shirt. Hmm... blue.


The sky is blue too due to what's called Rayleigh scattering. The atmosphere absorbs blue light then diffuses it... It's rather interesting really.


Did you notice that the last paragraph had four consecutive words that rhymed? No? Okay.


Is it anyway noticeable that I didn't go to this match?

For the record however, and so that there's not a Kidsgrove-Mossley shaped on the blog, the visitors goal was scored by Mattie Kay scored the penalty spot. It's probably also worth mentioning that Lilywhites keeper Peter Collinge went off injured and his replacement, defender/midfielder Ben Richardson, saved two penalties.

I wish I could add more but that's all the information there is about the match that's in the public domain, at least from a Mossley perspective. As is becoming the norm, despite what seems like a sizeable number of Mossley supporters having made the trip down to Staffordshire, very few actually want to talk about it on the forum.

Therefore if you didn't go you're pretty much in the dark, not that what happened matters a great deal anyway.