With the new season less than a month away, the last entry on the blog about the old one:

If you can't see the video, follow this link.

Mossley 3 - 2 East Manchester

Or its alternative title: The Shortest Ever Posting On Mossley80

I didn't go so I've no idea what happened. However, the team sheet and goalscorers are here, photographs are at this location.

And that's it for this update. Move along now... nothing more to see here.

Mossley 2 - 2 Oldham Athletic

If you're reading this it's highly likely that you're doing so in the hope of finding out what went on in Mossley's first pre-season friendly ahead of the 2010/11 campaign.

I'm sorry to say though that if you've arrived seeking such information then you're going to be disappointed as I didn't attend the aforementioned game. So if you wish to know something more than the team playing in white shirts scored the same amount of goals as the team which took to the field in blue tops, this isn't the place.

Fortunately there was somebody there to record proceedings for posterity and you can read about the first half here and the second period at this location.

Actually it wasn't even Mossley's first friendly either. The premiere outing for the new look Lilywhites took place last Saturday behind closed doors in Gorton. Like a special forces operation in one of the world's trouble spots, the first anyone knew about it was long after it was over and the score of Mossley 4 Springhead 0 was announced. For further details (though not much more) there's a brief overview of this game on Mossleyweb.

Next up for Mossley are amateur side East Manchester this evening and Bala Town of the Welsh Premier League on Saturday. There won't be reports for those games on here as I won't be at the ground to watch them but hopefully there'll be links to the views of someone who was.