Stats Entertainment 2007

Before the 06/07 season becomes an unpleasant and not particularly cherished memory, I’ve compiled a few statistics that may or may not be of interest to someone. Somewhere. Possibly.

The first set are your average, run-of-the-mill bit of number crunching that usually appear at a seasons end:

Next on the agenda is an update to a chart that I originally put on the blog in January detailing the periods during a game in which goals were scored and conceded:

  • Just over one fifth of the goals conceded this season (20.45%) came in the final ten minutes of of matches.
  • We won only two matches that we'd gone behind in (Grantham away and Burscough at home. Both games within two days of each over over the August bank Holiday weekend).
  • Conversely, we lost eight games in which we'd taken the lead

The third and final (and frankly most spoddy) set of statistics is a breakdown of the goals that were scored at Seel Park between August and the end of April both for and against Mossley:

So there you go, the question that was on everybody's lips has finally been answered - more goals were scored at the School End than the more popular Park End. I know I'll sleep easier tonight...

Whilst they’re not the most visually stimulating set of statistics ever produced, I hope that the information contained within is decipherable enough. Are they useful? Probably not but I'll leave it up to you to draw any conclusions you wish from the information provided.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm off to put my calculator in a bucket of cold water as it's giving off enough heat to melt steel.

Gateshead 2 - 0 Mossley

In the final game of the season Mossley lost 2-0 to Gateshead at the International Athletic Stadium with both goals coming in the second half. And that's all of what I know about the game. I had intended to stretch the above out by inserting a report on Curzon's final league game of the season into it but after getting so incredibly peed off over the past week I really can't be bothered.

So if you're reading this in the hope of hearing about a) the NWCL Runners-up Shield being carried around pre-match in a carrier bag, b) the fact that there were more people on the pitch than in the stands for the presentation of the aforementioned shield prior to the kick-off, c) the distinct lack of irony as 'Simply The Best' and 'We Are The Champions' played over the P.A. system as the trophy handover took place, d) a superb attacking display by Newcastle's Ashley Miller which enabled the Staffordshire side to thump an understrength Curzon 5 - 1 or e) the hysterical own goal the home side scored in the last minute which even had Gary Lowe wetting himself in the dugout - I'm sorry.

I'll admit that as a way to end a season's worth of match reports on Mossley80 it's something of a damp squib but after what's happened in the previous eight and a half months it seems almost fitting as well.