Curzon Ashton 1 - 0 Mossley

If for some highly unlikely reason you've been waiting patiently for a report on Mossley's derby game at the Tameside Stadium to appear here then I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. Not that disappointment is a rare emotion for visitors to this tumbleweed strewn outpost of the internet.

And the reason for this is that I didn't go to the game. I know regular readers will be rolling their eyes and possibly issuing a sarcasm laced "Quelle surprise!" at this not entirely unexpected revelation, but not having seen an away game all season it seemed a shame to break that run with just two matches of the campaign left. So instead of negotiating my way to Ashton Moss via what passes for the Bank Holiday public transport system round these parts, I remained at home with the numerous pennies I would have spent saved for better and more important things. I know that that's not the mark of a 'true fan' but... actually, I don't much care.

Some people did make the effort though to see Gareth McLelland's five match unbeaten start as Lilywhites manager come to an end and you can read one take on proceedings here courtesy of the offical Mossley website.

Next up is the final game of the season at Lancaster City and if I couldn't travel three miles to watch Mossley at Curzon I think you already know what the report for that match will entail.