Mossley 2 - 0 AFC Fylde

In the month or so that has passed between this match ending and me finally getting around to writing about it, you'd have thought that I'd have been able to come up with something interesting to say about Mossley's final home fixture of the 2010/11 season than what follows. The truth is however that, two brief moments aside, this was a match that defies an entertaining description.

Despite my best intentions not to use a phrase that's regularly heard at this point in the football calendar, I'm afraid I'm going to have to as nothing else suffices in the summing up of this game: it was a typical end of season encounter, short on drama, flowing football and anything else that was noteworthy. At least that was for 77.7% of its running time.

It was only after the introduction of substitute Fabio Abreu in the 70th minute that the game became something more than one to be instantly forgotten the moment the final whistle blew. Less than a minute into his début the England Schools' international delicately placed Mike Fish's through ball past the onrushing Fylde keeper to score with his first touch. Twenty minutes later Abreu played a roll in bringing what has been a less than fantastic season at Seel Park to a close on a highish note. His pass found fellow substitute Sam Hare exploiting a huge gap in the Fylde back line and after taking one touch to get it under control the former Stockport player looped the ball over a stranded goalkeeper to secure the win for the home side.

But why read about the goals when you can watch them instead?

As I've pointed out more than once already in this brief report, it was a less than brilliant game. We've seen plenty of them this year from the terraces but thankfully for once we've ended up being the winning side in one; a rare occurrence that will hopefully become a regular one next season, should of course a similar number of less than brilliant matches take place over those eight and a bit months.

In an ideal world though we'll be winning brilliant matches regularly but as this is Mossley I'm more than happy just to see us win - no matter how high or low the entertainment value is - because it's not something you can become blasé about, especially being a Lilywhites fan.