Every journey starts with a small step...

In the parlance of the late Smash Hits’ golden period, Mossley80 is back! Back! BACK!

Well, sort of.

Keeping the web site up-to-date was becoming an increasingly time consuming process, doubly so when it came to thinking up new ideas and bad jokes. That’s why I’ve taken the decision to move to the more zeitgeist-ey and lower maintenance world of the blog.

Without the need to spend hours deep within the murky world of HTML and CSS in order to do something as basic as positioning a picture nicely in a paragraph, I’m hoping that updates will be quicker, a tad more frequent and, personally speaking, more fun to do and less of a chore. Hopefully in terms of reading it the latter two will apply to you too.

The old web site will (hopefully) remain updated with fixtures and a more legible statistics section but for now the main bulk of what used to appear on Mossley80 will be transferred to here. So if you want to sit in stony faced silence whilst perusing look-alikes that don’t really look-alike, Iliad sized match reports, badly captioned photographs and reading jokes that would even fail to raise a chuckle from a man breathing nitrus oxide - then this is the place to come.

All websites live and die by the freshness of their content which is why, as always, comments are appreciated and ideas and contributions are still more than welcome. In fact they’d be extremely welcome as I may have run out of things to post by the end of August. So if you have any funny pictures that can be given the Breaking News treatment, any look-alikes or ideas for jokes or articles then please let me know.

If you want to write something for the blog itself – even better! And as I won’t be making it to all the games this year I’d be very grateful if there were one or two (or more) people who could do the occasional match reports.

The intention is to keep this blog running for at least a season but, depending on how things turn out, it could go on for years or disappear within the blink of an eye. Who knows...

Thank you for visiting and thank you for reading - SJNR