Everybody's Entitled To One Of Them

In your opinion, what was the most controversial incident in football over the past seven days?

Was it Michael Ballack's block on Patrice Evra in the Charity Community Shield? Could it have been Evra's ridiculous 'Oh my face' reaction to the blow to the chest he received in the aforementioned challenge and the subsequent miraculous recovery he under went when it came time to complain to the referee? Or how about one of the other contentious decisions that are bound to have happened on a weekend when nearly every league in the country began their new season?

Well according to the good people at The Referee Forum, it was none of the above. In fact it was something far more closer to home as you can read for yourselves here (Post 189 to 219).

I'm going to ignore the original posters comments about the time taken to get the video uploaded and hoo-ha about Mossley's penalty, but I would like to clear one thing up.

Jordan Goodeve wasn't offside when he scored the fifth goal. However the player providing the cross was offside when he received the ball. So blindingly and embarrassingly offside in fact that I actually stopped recording in expectation of the flag and the people I was standing with all said 'offside' in unison the moment it happened - and they were Mossley supporters!

Still, it's football and it wouldn't be the same if we couldn't argue about extremely trivial things in games of no importance whatsoever.


NNC said...
11:54 am

The time taken to upload the footage is an absolute disgrace. No real fan would delay so long.