AFC Fylde 0 - 0 Mossley

Being the hardened football supporters I know the few readers of this blog are, we're all fully aware that a goal less draw doesn't automatically mean that a match was dull. Far from it.

If you're expecting me now though to follow that opening sentence by doing a switch - to go on and describe just how boring this match was - then you're going to be sorely disappointed. In fact everybody is probably going to be disappointed with what follows next so consider yourselves lucky for being given a head start.

The truth is I've no idea whether this match was any good or not - I didn't go. And like the Garforth game ten or so days ago, I had no particular yearning to see it either. My loss. Or maybe it wasn't. Anyway...

So apart from the nil-nil score line the only other thing of note I can bring you about the match is this report from the Blackpool Gazette. One which seems to suggest that once again we never really got the gun from its holster, let alone had the chance to fire off some fire blanks.

Still, a point is as good as none and it brings to timely end that early season losing streak as we head off to Cammell Laird in the FA Cup.