Remember, Remember The Fourth Of November

...The Trophy debacle and rot.

On the eve of our trip to Cammell Laird where we'll begin this seasons FA Cup trail (or both start and end it), I thought it might be an idea to remind everyone of our last trip to Kirklands, almost three years ago. Again it was an FA competition that took us there - the FA Trophy - and what a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon it was. The word enjoyable used in it's "not very at all" sense.

Back in November 2006 Laird where in the midst of their rapid rise from the lower echelons of the North West Counties League to the Northern Premier. The Lilywhites on the other hand were in the middle of a campaign that was heading the opposite direction.

As if to prove that spending money (and lots of it) doesn't necessarily buy you success, Mossley had assembled an expensive squad of under performing players, a wedge the size of Texas was slipping between the board and the supporters and the management (who shall no longer be named on here) were about as popular as a dead rat in a tampon factory*.

Still though, we went with optimism. A good win against a good side could finally kick start the season. And with an exciting new signing in the shape of Fraser Robinson in the squad, there was every chance that could happen.

We turned up large in number and hoped. And hope sprung infernal.

Cammell Laird vs Mossley - FA Trophy 2006

*A joke shamelessly stolen from the film Top Secret, which if you haven't seen is a situation that should be rectified immediately.