Two Days Later - More Snow

Unlike Monday's flurries which almost had entire news programmes given over to them, today's snow fall has gone largely unheralded in medium of television. Why? You can probably guess.

None of it fell in South East so it wasn't reported on in case it disproved the theory that the media is incredibly London-centric. And we wouldn't want that to happen would we - that they might be national organisations.

Still, annoyances aside, the snow coupled with a day off work gave me the chance to nip into the football club to assess the chances of Saturday's game with Retford United going ahead. The conclusion I came to was... well, you can see for yourself:

As I obviously now won't be doing a match report at the weekend I'll endeavour to use that time to put some more of the snaps I took today up on the blog.

You can't wait can you?