Snow - Good For Photos With A Low ISO.

If you’ve not been outside for a few days and live with the curtains permanently shut in your house, you may not realise it but we’ve had a fair bit of snow over the last 48 hours or so.

Of course the many inches that fell over the local region (which left many routes passable only with extreme care, footpaths treacherous for pedestrians and abandoned cars blocking roads - the bottom of Micklehurst Road looked like a car lot this morning) was nothing compared to the near apocalyptic conditions the South East was experiencing. Yes, London had some snow and suddenly the media naturally went into ’End of Times’ overdrive.

However I don’t want to get into a north/south argument, primarily because as an intellectual exercise it’s an argument that’s way too easy win. Instead I’m going to do what all bloggers are expected to do at times of bad weather and post some pictures of it. All were taken on my way too and from work and there's one from today in there too.

There aren’t actually that many because standing still long enough to do them was a near impossibility on our wonderfully footpaths, but here they are for your enjoyment/indifference/”why the hell are you posting these?” annoyance. As always, delete as applicable to suit your mood.

Instead of doing this I really should be getting on with knocking the forum back into shape after its upgrade, but some unexpected obstacles have turned what should have been an easy transition into one where I’m rocking backwards and forwards in a foetal position, occasionally emitting out a small whimper.

I’m not going to go into too much detail but the upgraded forum appears to have been coded slightly differently to the test one we’ve built the new skin and format on. And as a consequence CSS mayhem has ensued.

Nevertheless, rest assured that I’m going as fast as I can to try and sort it out or work up a quick fix; a 'bodge' if you will. In the meantime though keep watching that space. At the moment I'm hoping it will be ready for Thursday but...


Anonymous said...
10:30 am

Hi SJNR, sitting here in the Antipodes in the middle of a lovely summer it's great looking at pictures of snow. Any chance of saying where each picture is so I can try and work out if I kinda recognise anywhere? It's been a long time.......

SJNR said...
8:00 pm

The first picture (the one on the dark) is taken outside Ashton's old swimming baths with the new courts on the right.

The others are of the bottom of Micklehurst Road and All Saints Church.

I have a few more I've taken today that I'm going to put up over the weekend.