Amateur Binary Empire Building

Mossley80's latest efforts to expand amongst the digital world (or whore itself out even more on the internet) means that this blog now has its very own Twitter page.

For those of you who don't know what Twitter is, it's like a blog but instead of regular sized entries you're only allowed to make ones no longer that 140 characters, which long time readers of Mossley80 will know is going to be something of a challenge for me.

Primarily it's used for providing people with small updates on what you're doing or what's happening - something that makes it perfect for giving updates on football - and eagle eyed readers of the Mossley AFC forum may have already noticed a mention of my first attempts at doing such a thing.

I had trial run at 'twittering' during Tuesday night's game at Warrington and though it went okay, it wasn't exactly 100% successful. Trying to do four things at once (watching the game, filming it, taking notes on it and updating Twitter) meant that four things were not done very well.

Still, it's something I'm going to persevere with and it's this spirit of 'desperately trying to get the hang of something' which will see me attempting to provide updates from the fans forum this coming Friday. Hopefully giving those who can't attend for personal or locational reasons, as well as those who are just to lazy to bother, the chance to feel involved and find out what is being said, etc.

Therefore if you're stuck behind the PC (or a Mac - I'm not formatist) and want to know what's going on, click on the link below and follow my updates. You never know, someone somewhere may find it useful.

So there you have it. Another unpaid and, when you boil it down, unnecessary service brought to you by Mossley80 that will probably peter out through lack of a interest in the upcoming months. This one probably won't though.