Another Whiteout?

What a strange weekend that was.

Here we are approaching the business end of the season and there’s no football to update the blog with over the weekend. No Mossley match thanks to the weather and no other local matches for precisely the same reason too.

So I’m afraid that instead of a moderately interesting but vastly overlong testimony on a game I attended*, you’re going to have to make do with some more of the photos I took last week and rashly promised would be online some days ago.

Why weren’t they? Can I blame the snow?

Just click on a picture to be taken to a larger version.

*I suppose I could have written a few paragraphs on the televised match at Eastlands but I don’t think I could have kept it short. A £100m plus spent since the summer and City still look their defensive tactics are lifted wholesale from Mike Reid's Runaround. Still, at least they won – thankfully – and in doing so made Saturday just that bit more bearable. At least until the evening TV schedule kicked in that is.

Will football make a return to these less than hallowed electronic pages this week? Who, and indeed goodness, knows.