Whitby Town 3 - 2 Mossley

I was hoping to fill the space left by a lack of a review on this game by reporting on the Ashton - Gainsborough FA Cup tie at Hurst Cross but, just as I was about to set off the match, my mind was suddenly filled with thoughts of better ways to spend £10. So it was off with the coat and on with the radio to listen to the City - Everton game on what used to be GMR, and watch for score updates from Whitby on Soccer Saturday.

Speaking of which, a big thank you to Whitby for apparently not phoning through the half-time and full-time scores. Watching the results scroll slowly up underneath Jeff Stelling in the hope of finding out how we were going on, every Unibond Premier game appeared apart from ours.

Right, I thought, I'll give them a ring... and no answer. Try again... same result. As I was cursing Whitby's apparent phone phobia, up popped the result on the ever reliable page 399 of Ceefax: Whitby 3 - 2 Mossley. Oh bother! Yes, it's at times like this I wish I swore.

The despair got worse when I found out that not only had we twice gone ahead in the game, but we'd lost to a goal deep into injury time. Mossley's ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of any positive result had apparently been given its second run out in a fortnight.

Early post match reports on the Whitby forum say that 'Mossley bossed the first half' and the home side had the better of the second. Other than that it is hard to get a handle on what really happened until the views of the Mossley supporters who went start coming in. Until those reports start appearing, why not pass the time spotting the Mossley supporters in the crowd at the Turnbull Ground, here.

Looking at the game from this distance it appears that we wereunlucky but, on the other hand, we've conceded three goals in a match for the fourth time this season (a third of all games played) and conceded another two from corners. Hopefully though we can inflict a swift and humiliating revenge on Whitby when they make the return trip to Seel Park on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...
10:56 am

Yes Steve spotted me,Dave,Nigel & Sylvia behind Joe Shaw & defender in flight.Grant & Simon obscured by their backsides.also John Wharmby in background

Anonymous said...
3:10 pm

You should have used the real time latest score facility on the Whitby Town homepage for updates ;-)

SJNR said...
8:01 pm

You should have used the real time latest score facility on the Whitby Town homepage for updates ;-)

That feels too much like cheating though! :-D

Good to know for the future though, thanks!