Chip Wrappers: 13/10/2006

The look at this last week's media begins with Tuesday's Evening News, purely because I forgot to buy a Non-League Paper.

The paper's rose tinted view of all things FCUB continued after they drew Salford City in the FA Vase, mentioning that there had been a "tense atmosphere" in the game held between the two teams a week earlier. As already reported in other news sources this "tense atmosphere" was actually some relatively serious crowd trouble so what next for the Evening News - the war in Iraq described as 'a kerfuffle'? After the whitewashing of incidents in Wales and Altrincham during the pre-season, when are the Evening News going to acknowledge that FCUB have brought an unwelcome element back into the game?

As I turned over the back page of the Reporter I've got to admit that my hopes of not being confronted by the sight of that Stalybridge team photo for the nth week in a row weren't high. And thank goodness they weren't because lo and behold, there it was - in the same place its been since what now seems like time immemorial.

Having said that it now looks like the sub-editors are getting bored with it, judging by the fact that they appear have run out of bylines for the photo:

It could be that they need some help coming up with new ones so lets help them out. Post them in the comments section beneath this article (remember to leave a name) or to and I'll forward the best ones on to the Reporter.

Worryingly the Celtic picture seems to have gained an 'evil twin' - a photo of the Droylsden team is starting to appear on the opposite page with some regularity. So if I was you I'd expect to see a shot of the Hyde team in a forthcoming issue to balance things out. Speaking of which...

Hyde's midweek win at Lancaster means that we're spared Steve Waywell's regular "anything other than my fault" article but he still manages to grace the back pages as swings the axe at Ewen Fields; David Eyres leaving with the ringing endorsement for future employers - "He is 42 now and age catches up with everyone in the end. David was no exception." If that's what Waywell has to say about "a smashing lad" I'd hate to see what he'd have to say about someone he didn't rate.

Speaking of glowing references for departing players, over in the Advertiser Terry Bowker gets the kind of send off that's been afforded to Ciaran Kilheeney, Mark Philips, etc. from Mossley manager Jason Beckford: "I let him go for footballing reasons and about him as a person."

For "football reasons" as well? Maybe it was because he tackled someone before they got to the edge of our box, who knows? Personally speaking, "football reasons" and the fact he was one of our better players this season don't seem to go together.

Anyhoo, till next week.


Anonymous said...
8:54 pm

We could email the Reporter to ask for our team pic to go in. At least it would be a different picture each week!!