Chip Wrappers: 06/10/2006

To start this edition we go back to last Friday’s Oldham Chronicle and this, which arrived too late to be included in last week's Chip Wrappers.

'Mossley had been due to visit Whitby on Wednesday, November 15, but the game was brought forward when both clubs had a free date. Ironically, Whitby visit Seel Park on Tuesday.

Is Alanis Morissette doing the Chronicles non-league previews? That isn’t ironic – it’s a coincidence! It could be construed as ironic if Mossley’s management and squad suddenly left en masse to go to the Yorkshire club and their first game was against us but not because a rearranged game means we play them twice in succession. Having said that, it’d certainly make a better line in a verse than - ‘"getting stuck in a traffic jam when you’re already late for a meeting’".

Of course it wouldn't be the weekly papers without Hyde United manager Steve Waywell appearing somewhere to defelect his teams failings away from himself, and this week it's the Advertiser. After blaming some supporters last week, Hyde's fourth defeat in five games (at home to a team three divisions below them in the FA Cup none the less) is the players fault. Next week: why the malevolent pixies who live under his shed are responsible for Hyde's defeat to Droylsden.

Elsewhere in the Advertiser: 'Mossley manager Jason Beckford believes there is little to choose between the teams in the UniBond League First Division.' What a pity they couldn't have asked him about the teams in the league we were actually in. But of course that's just me being picky. It's just good to see that we're finally getting a bit of extended coverage in at least 50% of the Tameside press. As for the other 50%...

Apart from a couple of small reports on the Whitby games, our only mention other mention in the Reporter comes via the advert for next week's game against Whitton Albion (sic); they've got to make room for those Celtic reserve match reports somehow. Which sort of brings me on to:

Dear The Reporter,

I appreciate that we live in difficult times where money is short. And, as such, I can fully understand that you may no longer have a budget that allows you to send a photographer to local fixtures anymore.

I'm sure that the clubs would be able to help you out by sending some photographs of games to publish so why not ask them? Not only would it add some variety to the sports pages, it would also mean that we wouldn't have to look at that flipping squad photo of the Stalybridge Celtic team practically every single week.

Start to wean yourselves off it; use a picture of the club badge, a photo of the ground, an interpretation of the game via the medium of stick men drawn by the work experience kid or reintroduce the Uncle Ben column and stick the colouring in picture there. Anything other than that photo. Please!

Yours blah, blah, blah


Ahhhhh... that's better. Till next week.