Off to: Ossett

For the last two seasons we've made the short trip eastwards to take on Ossett Albion but its been 12 years since we made the same journey to take on their neighbours, Town.

I don't remember many games from the 94/95 season but I can recall our game at Ingfield in the FA Cup purely because it was so unmemorable - a 0-0 draw with barely a shot in anger over the course of ninety minutes. If somebody had video taped it they could have made a fortune distrubuting it to hospitals up and down the country as a new form of general anaesthetic.

With the two Ossett teams being in close proximity to one another they're not unlike a Yorkshire version of Atherton, Town being L.R. to Albion's Collieries. Of the two sides Town are the better supported, drawing an average of 137 through the gates for their seven home games so far this season compared to Albion's 107, however their attendances tend to fluctuate quite a lot; as evidencd last season when a home tie in the FA Cup drew a crowd of 700+ to Town's ground whilst the league game three days later attracted around 40 hardy souls.

After getting off to a poor start this season Town have rallied a bit of late and moved up to 16th in the league, two places and two points ahead of us. They've only lost twice at home in the league but they enter the game on the back of a 3-2 defeat at Ingfield in the Trophy at the hands of Ashton United.

Prediction: I'll have to have a think about this one. Nine from eighteen against five from eighteen... erm... divide by three... factor in the coefficient... tum-ti-tum-ti-tum... square root... add two and it's going to be... a draw! Remainder one.