Whitby Town 3 - 2 Mossley REDUX

With yesterday’s posting containing little in the way of first hand accounts from the game, I thought that it would be best to hear what went on from people who actually attended the game.

First off, we have The Seel’s verdict (originally posted on the forum which you should join if you haven’t already) on what happened at the Turnbull Ground:

By far and away our best perfomance of not only this season, but probably since the turn of the year. Balls played to feet and some great running from all the front line. Peter Wright was outstanding again and Joe Shaw was his usual clever self (if a little wasted again on the left)and took his goals superbly, Anthony Bingham worked tirelessly for his fellow forwards all afternoon and Christian Cooke was his usual composed and combatant self.

If it wasn't for another awful display from the assistant referee in the second half we would have been clean through on several occasions. On one particular occasion, a thirty yard lob over the midfield area, his flag stayed down until the ball was at the feet of Bingham before, using his ears insted of his eyes he, sheepishly raised it. What is the point of assembling a very speedy frontline if we are going to keep getting incompetant officials running the line?

We still have problems at the back though, the number of times we allowed crosses, mainly from the Whitby right flank, to go un-challenged to an unmarked player on the back post was very worrying, but if you dont stop the crosses coming in, then inevitably you are going to be in trouble.

I suppose this game was the pay back for the Burscough game because there was no way I could see us, or did we, deserve to lose this one, and if we can sort out a couple of issues can look forward to not only some points but some great attacking football.

I hope Jason doesn't make swathing changes for Tuesday as he did after the Guisley FA Cup game because I cant wait for another 90 minutes of Mossley playing neat, crisp attacking football. Just hope for Gods sake they send a half competent official who can handle a game that has real pacey front men in it (fat chance).


Next up is the match report on the Whitby Town forum which can be viewed by clicking here.

I'm sure you'll agree that they're far more entertaining than reading about deciding not to watch Ashton United and trying to find out the result of the game. :)