Hednesford Are Coming!

As the rollercoaster that is Mossley's season starts to resemble the one in Final Destination 3, what better time to welcome the joint leaders of the division to Seel Park?

This Saturday sees Hednesford, the team with the silent 'd' (not the second one), make the journey up the M6 to take part in the first ever meeting between the two clubs; a fact which does at least mean that they don't have some kind of results hoodoo over us as other clubs in the division do.

And if that seems like I'm grasping at straws in trying to find some sign that we'll do something other than lose on Saturday - you're absolutely correct because the current form statistics offer little in the way of hope for the dwindling group of Lilywhite masochists that still turn up to watch. The leagues southern most team sit atop the away form table (not lost on the road in the league this season) whilst we're grateful that Grantham and Frickley are much worse on home soil than us.

Prediction: Having said (or more correctly, typed) all of the above, if ever there was a game that's got 'win' written over it, it's this one. How many times in the past have Mossley pulled a result out of the hat when the odds seem stacked against them? That's right, once or twice. Therefore I'm quietly confident that our potentially short numbered side will pull off a magnificent victory. Whther it's one of the crack papering kind, time will tell...


Mike Smith said...
11:18 pm


As a born and bred Staffordian I can assure you that its:


ergo the first "d" !!

SJNR said...
10:20 am

Sadly Mike there are no prizes for spotting the deliberate errors I make to keep people on their toes...

Well that's the reason I'm sticking too! ;-)