Prescot Cables 0 - 0 Mossley

Who'd have thought that after last Saturday's 'oh so scintillating' meeting between the two teams that the return fixture at Prescot's Valerie Park ground would finish goalless. Quelle the surprise.

Judging by various comments lying around the more obscure corners of the internet though, this was apparently a better game than the one which had taken place a week earlier. Not that it would have taken much to happen for it to be an improvement on last weeks lame offering to the paying public.

The fact that I'm trawling the web for critiques of this particular encounter should be a big clue as to the fact that I was a non-attendee and, as a consequence, won't be able to provide you with a fair and balanced view of proceedings. If it's such things you require then I heartily recommend visiting the official Mossley site for a summary of what did and didn't occur.

I can't even provide you with a brief run down of another game to fill the void in this report as I had a completely football free Saturday and (if you'll pardon my northernness) by gum it was good. If it wasn't for the fact that I'd miss the banter with the people I've stood along side on the terraces for goodness knows how many years, I'd really have no trouble making my alternate Saturday arrangements my first choice ones.

Anyway, next up for Mossley is a trip to our temporary night time home at Hurst Cross for the visit of Warrington. I don't wish to pre-judge things, and I'm sure Warrington are just as thrilled at the prospect at meeting us as we them, but I can't say I'm holding out much hope for excitement in this one.


NNC said...
9:57 pm

Become a groundhopper. I have a spare plastic carrier bag