Monkeys, Dust And Football

The postponement of the midweek fixture against Curzon (apparently the eleventh time a Mossley match has been shelved this season according to someone who's keeping a better eye on these things than me) means that instead of bringing you what would have been a humdrum report on another defeat to our near neighbours (not pessimism - realism), I can update the blog with something else.

And when I say I've not been involved in any with its production, that's a guarantee that the 'something else' is going to be more entertaining than anything I could have come up with to fill the midweek void.

The else in question is a clip from Monkey Dust, an animated sketch show that aired on BBC2 in which a lot of the humour was not so much dark but absolutely pitch black; dealing as it did with topics rarely touched on in comedy such as suicide, terrorism and other subjects that get Daily Mail readers in a tizzy. For example, 'Geoff the first time cottager'. Of course, if you're easily offended don't click that link.

Anyway, back to the point of this post and as if to prove that nothing much has changed in football over the seven or so years since it was first aired, here is Monkey Dust's version of Roy of the Rovers. Again, if you're easily outraged by humour of a rude nature or by badly drawn representations of a certain Chelsea captain, don't - whatever you do - press play: