FC Halifax Town 4 - 2 Mossley

Not for the first time - and I very much doubt it will be the last - it appears that I spoke to soon.

For those of you who don't remember, or wisely chose not to read it at all, I ended the report for the Warrington Town game with the following words:

"At the very least the result and performance puts Mossley in good stead for the series of upcoming games against teams making a serious challenge for a promotion spot. And on the form they showed in this match the results of those fixtures may not quite be the foregone conclusions they initially appeared."

Goes to show what I know doesn't it?

Even taking into account the fact we had a strangely depleted squad which left us with just three substitutes (a centre half, a goalkeeper and a player who left the club before the season started), the word from those who went to the game is that we weren't good at all. Apparently we were sort of okay-ish in the second half but the performance before the interval was reputedly... well, my refusal to swear on this blog prevents me from relaying a couple of comments I've heard in relation to this period of football.

Yet despite our reportedly sub-sub par performance we still managed notch up another two goals; something we haven't done a lot of in the league this season and more than any other club has done at Halifax this year.

If you wish to read a more in-depth review of this match then I point you in the direction of Mossleyweb for the Mossley version of events or the official Halifax site for the view of the opposition. Actually why not read both? It is a Sunday after all.

Next up for the Lilywhites is the second part of the 'top five' double header: a meeting with Curzon Ashton at our Hurst Cross holiday home. Results against our near and not so dear neighbours haven't exactly gone our way too often in recent years so the omens for this coming Tuesday don't look good. Not even to the point where I'm going to claim that there's a faint hope we could snatch a point.

Instead, given how hopelessly incorrect my predictions always are I'm going to say with all confidence that we'll lose. So either I'll be right and appear to have great foresight or wrong and happily so for once. It's a win-win situation! For me at least if not the team.