Mossley 3 - 3 FC Halifax Town

A mere seven weeks after their last Unibond First Division North game against Salford City, Mossley returned to league action with a draw against FC Halifax Town in what was reputedly a humdinger of a game: six goals, an injury time equaliser for the Lilywhites and plenty of controversy.

It would certainly make for an interesting match report but, as observant readers will have already noticed, the use of the word 'reputedly' in that opening paragraph can only mean one thing - that I never saw the match.

I could give you a lengthy reason as to why I was sat at home while Mossley fought for a point on the other side of Luzley, but as I'm trying to cut down on the size of these posts I'm not going to. So instead I'll just leave you to draw your own conclusions as to why I gave the game a miss. They'll probably be more interesting than the truth anyway.

The consequence of my non-attendance, well one of them at least, is that you're not going to find a report of the game on here. If you do wish to know though what happened then I can direct you to Mossleyweb where you'll find both words and pictures on Tuesday evenings events.

What I will comment on though is the laughable reaction of some Halifax supporters on their own forum. Within minutes of the match finishing the were people who hadn't been to the game complaining about being cheated out of three points by a dodgy referee.

I'm in no position at all to argue about the performance of the referee, as unlike those Town fans, I don't feel qualified to critique something I haven't seen. However, whether there was bad officiating or not, Halifax can hardly complain about Mossley receiving a favourable decision after what happened in the league fixture at their place last season.

To jog your memory... until they added a second deep into injury time, all that separated the two teams was a first half penalty which was awarded after a Halifax player tripped over the ball doing step overs, a good two to three yards outside the box. As you can imagine there were few complaints about the quality of the man in the middle that night from the other side of the Pennines.

But it's football. Sometimes decisions go for you, other times they go against. There's no conspiracy and just because you think something wasn't a foul doesn't mean you're right. Believe it or not, referees actually know the rules better than supporters do.

Anyway, next up for the Lilywhites is the floodlight free early kick-off on Saturday against Prescot Cables, a team managed by the ex-Mossley player with the 'roll off the tongue' name, Joe Gibiliru.

What you're no doubt wondering though is if there'll be a report on that game on here. At the moment I've no idea and on that cliffhanger...