If you’ve arrived here looking for a report on Mossley’s trip to Radcliffe Borough then I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. And if you go searching elsewhere for one I’m afraid you’re going to be equally frustrated in your quest.

The reason why is that for the (one, two, three... no, it’s no use - I’ve lost count), er... umpteenth time in the past two months the cold weather has forced the postponement of yet another Lilywhites fixture; a frozen pitch adding a bit of variety to the numerous water loggings and snows on the increasingly long ‘postponed due to’ list.

To be honest though, if the game had gone ahead there still wouldn’t have been a match report on here for your perusal as I was going to be a non-attendee for this fixture. In fact I only discovered the game had been postponed at 11:00pm on Saturday evening when I belatedly decided to check on the day’s scores. Yes, I was that interested in the football this weekend. Actually I’ve been that interested in the football for quite a while now but that’s the subject for a possible blog posting sometime in the future.

Anyway, Mossley’s next attempt to start chipping away at the 24 league games they’ve got to play over the next twelve weeks takes place on Tuesday when they face FC Halifax Town. And in case you’ve forgotten or didn’t know (or maybe you just don’t care one way or the other) this match is being played at Ashton United’s ground. We don’t want you turning up at the wrong place! Although if the weather carries on as it is you’ll probably see the same amount of football being played whether you turn up at Seel Park or Hurst Cross.