Light Through Yonder Window Breaks

In the event that this is the only place on the world wide web you visit for news about Mossley AFC*, the following update was placed on the forum some time this morning:


We are pleased to announce that following all the hard work of the committee and volunteers, we have raised over £4,500.

For this we must give our grateful thanks to all the residents and supporters in and around Mossley.

The good news today is that we have now confirmed an offer from GT GRAFIX a local business in Dukinfield, to cover the shortfall in the 50% we needed to raise for the new floodlights.

Gary Threlkeld the owner of GT Grafix is a Mossley resident and wants to work with us to ensure the future of the football club.

Following two months without playing at home our financial situation is still difficult.

There are various fund raising events that have been planned through to April and hope that with the continued support of everyone, will enable us to look forward to a strong and successful future for Mossley Football Club.

The Directors & Committee of Mossley Football Club.

What else can you say or add to that other than a thank you to Mr Threlkeld for his generosity. And at times like this it would be remiss of me not to provide a link to company's website so... GT Grafix

Of course there is still the small matter now of getting the funding Tameside Council pledged for the other 50% - I'm sure, and quite rightly too, that there are plenty of committee meetings, i-dottings and t-crossings to go through before that money becomes available - but the future, and night matches at Seel Park, does look a little brighter.

*If so, you do know there are better places for that kind of thing don't you? Even so, thanks for popping by.


Mike Smith said...
2:07 pm

Just beat you to it Stephen - one of the few advantages of unemployment (!) Looks like Mr Willcock has joined me "on the dole" - new Manager announced @ Stalybridge Celtic (again I beat the official announcement thanks to "a little bird" !!

Mike Smith said...
2:07 pm
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