Thumbs A-Twiddling

Once again there's no midweek football to report on as the Siberian weather system that's positioned itself over the British Isles for the better part of two weeks retains its icy grip. No Mossley vesus Maine Road, no anything at anywhere that didn't have under soil heating.

I've no idea what you've done without any football but I've passed the time by joining things on the internet that have just passed their peak moments of popularity. I don't jump on bandwagons, I chase them up the street after they've driven past.

I also came across this may fill a few brief empty seconds - The World's Funniest Street Signs which contains one entry that a good proportion of you will have been to.

Fingers and toes crossed for some football at the weekend so that we can avoid more pointless postings such as this one.


Anonymous said...
2:21 am

One of these street names is just around the corner from where I work! Mind you with 108 'KAKA' st's, roads, ave's, points etc listed in the NZ directory it's not surpising one found it's way onto this list. A Kaka by the way is a native NZ bird.

SJNR said...
7:11 pm

It's a small world after all!

The Butthole Lane one is where Shepshed Dynamo play.

And thanks for the information about Kaka. At the moment I think Manchester City have got more chance of signing a NZ bird than the Brazilian at AC Milan with the same name, the one they're rumoured to be getting in the summer.