In Your Head. Or Rather Mine...

Monday's are bad. Always have been, always will be.

Monday today was made even worse by having one of those mornings where you wake up with a song in your head and you can't get rid of it. And to make matters worse it wasn't just one song - it was a few, all operating in shuffle mode.

Now I'm not complaining because they were bad songs. They were actually ones I quite like but it's hard not to grow tired of them when they've been on a loop in your brain for over twelve hours. The songs in question are 'One Week' by the Bare Naked Ladies and the soundtrack to South Park: The Movie. Goodness why my subconscious chose these, I can't see any discernible link over than a vague Canadian one, but its selection has driven me mad all day.

At 7:30am while collating some stuff for the council I was humming aloud to Terence & Philip's 'Uncle F**ka' (thankfully I have the office to myself at that time of day). Three hours later I was punching numbers into the fax machine in time to the 'La Resistance' medley which I was merrily singing away to in my head.

After dinner, lunch if you're posh, when I should have been grappling with Office 2007 in an attempt finish a promotional leaflet, I was too busy internally debating whether the opening line to the verse after the first chorus in 'One Week' was 'Chick-ity China' or Chicken to China'. All before traipsing home in a blizzard muttering them to myself once more.

I swear that if they're not gone by this time tomorrow I'll be a gibbering wreck at the Maine Road game.

And in case you're wondering what those songs sound like, and in the hope that by getting someone else to listen to them the curse will pass on, Ringu style, here you go:

Uncle F**ka (Be warned! As the title suggests it contains rude words. Lots of them)

La Resistance:

One Week:

And while looking around for the last clip I found this which seems apt for this blog posting:

Hopefully tomorrow sanity will have once again prevailed.