Passing The Time

It's been a while since I've done this but with no midweek football to write about, I think it's time for another trail around the internet to find something humorous to pass the time to the Kendal match with.

So to the first clip. It's the opening skit from recent edition of Saturday Night Live, the long running hit and miss US TV show, in which Tina Fey (ahhh, Tina Fey...) stars as US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

What's scary, as well as funny, is that some of the lines (including the one about seeing Russia from Alaska making her an expert on foreign policy) are ones actually said in all seriousness by someone who's a heartbeat (and a struggling one at that) away from being the most powerful person in the world. Not scared? Well you should be:

In all probability it's likely that you didn't find that quite as funny as I did. Ideally I'd put more videos like on the site because I like satire and topical humour, but I know my audience and what they want is base humour - either people getting hurt in an amusing ways or something lavatorial. So with this in mind...

People getting hurt in an amusing way:

Something lavatorial:

Finally, some of you may remember a couple of months ago the video I posted of the Count from Sesame Street being censored. Well further evidence has come to light that the Children's Television Workshop's finest offering isn't quite as wholesome as it seems:

And that's it. If you watched all four videos from beginning to end you'll not only have hopefully had a chuckle or two but you're also 14 minutes nearer Saturday's game in the Lakes. How about that for a service?

And it was free!