Mossley 2 - 1 Styal

Apart from the fine weather, the prize money and the attendance, this friendly against Cheshire League side Styal was just like the Ramsbottom United game at the weekend: the visitors on top in the first half while Mossley dominated the second.

Played out in front of a crowd that barely outnumbered the total number of people on the pitch, this wasn't a bad match. In fact it was a very good one.

For some of us it was a night on the tiles. So to speak. Due to the tremendous amount of rain falling on Seel Park, the majority of the few who attended the game chose to avail themselves to the nearly completed terracing beneath the Bus Shelter and mightily impressed they were too. At least as impressed as you can be when it comes to some concrete flagging

The Lilywhites line-up in the first half was a mixture of players on their way back from injury, those on fringes of the first team and a smattering of trialists. Also featuring in a white shirt for the first time since last April was the familiar face of Danny Ryan, although in the unfamiliar role of centre half.

The opening forty five minutes saw Styal take full advantage of a Mossley side that were looking like what they were - a team that had never played together before. Putting Mossley's inexperience forward as an excuse for Styal's first half dominance though would be doing the visitors a huge disservice. They played some really good passing football and frankly deserved to be more than one goal ahead at the break.

After a very brief interval the home team took on a more familiar look for the second period and they were barely out of the Styal half. Despite their dominance Mossley could only find the back of the net twice but it was enough to win the match. Danny Dignan pulled Mossley level and Michael Fish scored the winner as the heavy rain turned into a prolonged deluge.

Like I said in the second paragraph this was a very good match so it's a pity that there weren't more inside Seel Park to see it. You can however understand why so few people turned up. Five pounds to watch what was to all intents and purposes a practice match was always going to put off those other than the terminally bored from coming. Hopefully in future a more realistic pricing policy will be in effect if there are any similar games and the matches will get the audience they deserve.

Meaningless game or not though I still filmed it (can you film something on a digital camera?) and for your viewing pleasure, here are the goals, a small edit/transition I really like and some of the highlights. Just some because I didn't want to have to spend most of the day uploading it.