Absolutely No Mention Of Howard Brown

Hubris isn’t a stranger to this level of the non-league pyramid.

It’s not that long since a sizeable number of AFC Telford United fans were mocking the league and its perceived easiness until reality kicked in (or rather off) and promotion was scraped in the play-offs. After that they became a lot more bearable and friendly.

The reason as to why I’m telling you this is because there were echoes of this in the not to long ago on the Halifax Town forum. To some this season was a foregone conclusion; the rest of us, with our tiny crowds, destined to be left bobbing around in the wake of Town’s surge towards the league title.

Unlike Telford in those early days though the number of level headed people among Town’s following, those who from the get go fully realised the situation they were in, appears to outweigh the few who still seem unable to grasp the gravitas of their plummet down the pyramid.

On the whole, judging by their forum, they appear to be a friendly bunch which is something of a bonus with teams with a large following, as those of us who suffered through some of the FCUB’s fans “it’s not about the football” rubbish when their fans visited us with last season will attest to.

Being a brand new club Halifax have had to build the current team from scratch. It was a task handed to Jim Vince who left his post as Witton Albion manager twice (don’t ask) at the end of last season, the nature of his departure leaving a lot of people at Albion with a sour taste in their mouths. But then again, when you’re as bitter as most Witton fans on the internet appear to be it’s not that difficult a thing to do.

And before any Witton fans who stumble across this while Googling head for the comments section and complain, if you don’t want to be seen as bitter, do occasionally admit that the better team won when you’ve been turned over.

Familiar faces among the Halifax ranks are midfielders Ross Clegg (is it really seven years since he played for us?) and Adam Morning, non-league football’s Littlest Hobo.

If any FC Halifax Town fans planning on making the trip are reading this, and it’s a long shot given that even Mossley supporters don’t read this blog, I hope your short journey across the Pennines is an easy one but that the result ensures the one back is thoroughly miserable. Sadly though I think you’ll be going back with smiles on your faces as I’ve just remembered that Mossley’s accursed ‘four game’rule is due to kick-in.

Damn! And I was all happy and upbeat after the weekend as well...