Newcastle Blue Star 5 - 1 Mossley

Five points out of forty two became five out of forty five as Mossley's end of season blow-out continued in yet another goal pummelling fashion at Newcastle Blue Star.

Thankfully I wasn’t on Tyneside to see it and as a consequence there’ll be no match report for this game. What I can tell you about it though is that Gareth Hamlet cancelled out Blue Star’s 6th minute opener on the half hour mark before things went downhill for the Lilywhites faster than a greased up Franz Klammer on jet powered skis.

I'm not going to repeat the text I got when Mossley went 4 -1 down but suffice to say, it wasn't from a spectator happy with the ninety minutes that were breaking up a five hour plus round trip.

The five goals knocked past Mossley by Blue Star takes the total in the goals against column to just nine short of the century. Of course it's a target you hope you never ever hit but I will admit that there's a hundredth of a percentage of me masochistically hoping that it's reached, purely so that I can strike it off the list of things I’ve experienced whilst watching Mossley; a list that includes items such as 100 goals for (done) and the Lilywhites hitting double figures for the first time ever in a game (something that will probably forever remain without a tick next to it).

To keep the five motif that’s running through this piece going, it’s the number of games remaining for Mossley in a season that’s falling apart faster than a leper on a bungee jump. It would be nice to salvage a bit of pride before the curtain’s drawn over this campaign but who knows what will happen? This is Mossley remember where, like Thunderbirds, anything can happen in the next half hour.

And the fourteen left after that.


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