Following Yonder Star

Mossley see out March with their longest trip of the season for their first (and possibly last) ever visit to the Kingston Park Ground - home of Newcastle Falcons rugby union club. Oh yes, and Newcastle Blue Star play there as well.

That said we may have done better against the egg chasers. After all [sarcasm] the backbone of their game seems to be kicking the ball out of play as often as possible as well as over the bar [/sarcasm]. Only joking everyone!

As most of you who are reading this will already know, Blue Star have announced their intention to drop back down to the Northern League at the end of the season, citing the costs involved in travelling from the back of beyond to civilisation every other week. It still remains to be seen as to whether their decision to relegate themselves will be ratified by the FA, although it's almost certain the they'll give their blessings given the palaver it would cause if they said "you're staying where you are".

The Tynesiders currently reside in 11th position, three places and nine points above us. We've also faced them twice already at Seel Park this season, picking up a win and a draw. Hopefully we won't complete the set by coming away with a defeat.

Of course that all depends on the game actually going ahead. Last week Blue Star's game with Curzon was abandoned when part of a stand took flight in high winds. Similarly inclement weather is predicted for tomorrow so those few Mossley fans making the trip up may get to see that rarest of sightings - a football match in Geordie land where one of the home supporters doesn't take their shirt off at any point during the ninety minutes.

Prediction: As I'm not going this is a cast iron win for the Lilywhites.