Attempt Number Three

This is the rearranged game of the rearranged game of the match that should have been played in early December. At least I think it is...

To be perfectly honest, I can’t work up the enthusiasm to do a fourth preview for a home game with Bridlington, especially as much of what was written for that last scheduled meeting is still applicable. So if you’re interested (and the site statistics say you're probably not) click here.

I’m now going to use the time I would have spent writing it wondering why, of the two video clips I posted of the Wakefield game, the viewership of the 'near misses' is more than triple that of the goal we scored.

Nevertheless, a big thank you to everyone who has taken the trouble to watch them!

Prediction: After Saturday’s much improved performance against Wakefield, it’s going to be a win for the Lilywhites. Well it will be if we remember our shooting boots...