Wakefield 2 - 3 Mossley

Whenever history chooses to repeat itself at Mossley, be it on or off the pitch, it's not a good thing. Brows are furrowed, hatches are battened and the gulps of worry and sighs of despair are loud and many.

Occasionally though, just occasionally mind, fate decides to give us a break from reminding us of financial woes and sloppy defending from times gone past to prompt us into recalling one of those few good times that reside in the annals. Usually though it's something that happened a bit longer than seven days ago.

Not that you'll find anyone from Mossley complaining about the repetition of 'still fresh' events as for the second time in a week Lee Blackshaw was in the right place at the right time to score a last minute winner for the Lilywhites in West Yorkshire.

Details of this victory at Wakefield's College Grove ground (Mossley's third win in eight days and the third time in a row that they've come back from a losing position to do it) can be found on Mossleyweb or here as my presence was elsewhere on this particular afternoon - yes, another Mossley80 no show at a game I'm afraid.

I could if I wanted to choose to fill the gap where a report on the Wakefield game should be by bringing you my thoughts on the Glossop North End versus Padiham game I saw in midweek. However, as it was a game that came close to putting the final into the coffin in which my love of football currently resides, I have no wish to relive it. Don't let the 2-2 score line, a sending off and a last minute equaliser fool you - it was an awful game.

It's hard to pinpoint what the worst part it was given there were so many bad things to choose from. There was the football, the cold, the football, the abuse a female assistant referee got despite the fact she got practically all her decisions right, the football and, oh, have I mentioned that the football was bad?

The fevered talk on the terraces before kick-off was that Glossop had chosen to give New Mills a four figure sum for striker Gary Kharas. And on the basis of this particular performance, if those four figures are anything more than £10.01, North End have been ripped off.

Then again I doubt his confidence will have been helped by the critique he got from a New Mills official on High Peaks Radio which was broadcast over the ground's PA system as he went about his pre-game warm up. The idea to play the stations sports coverage over the tannoy is a good one but when somebody starts to intimate that your new signing has basically lost it, it may be an idea to actually turn it off.

Back to Mossley though as this after all is a blog about they. Next up for the Lilywhites is a trip to Stainton Park to face Radcliffe Borough who are in the rather unusual position of being in the top half of the table in March; a situation that means the visitors are going to have to be on their mettle to keep their winning streak going and overcome the previously perennial strugglers.