Lancaster City 2 - 1 Mossley

Win or lose it's somewhat nice to know that recent Mossley games have a theme running through them: late drama and a result decided by just the odd goal. The latest addition to this particular motif being a goal scored two minutes from time which condemned the Lilywhites to a 2-1 defeat at Lancaster City's Giant Axe ground.

Losing so late on to a team at the top of the division doesn't sound too shabby but there is disappointment as, apparently, we were the better side for long stretches of the match and well worthy of something more than the zero points we got. Alas, the record books only keep tabs on the actual result and not what it should have been, so Lancaster move three points closer to the title and Mossley remain comfortably in the mid-section of the league table.

Once again the use of the word beginning with 'app' in the last paragraph should give you a clue (and a big one too) that I wasn't at this match which means I can't give you the specific ins and outs. Therefore if you want to know what what went on I suggest going here or here.

However, if you want to know what the new Alice in Wonderland film is like, I can give an opinion on that: it isn't good.


NNC said...
1:07 pm

The "date > football" was always going to happen.

*le sigh*

SJNR said...
1:32 pm

If only it was a date. This was actually done under my auspices.

In my defence though, I only saw 'Alice' because I couldn't get into the 'Kick Ass' previews.