Chorley 3 - 2 Mossley

Erm... well, we lost. That seven game unbeaten run we were on? Came to an end at the ironically named Victory Park. Or if you're a Chorley supporter the appropriately named yada, yada, yada*.

Actually I've no idea what went on at all over the course of this particular ninety minutes plus as I was sat 35 miles away being repeatedly and comprehensively beaten on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by a succession of our European cousins - something I'm going blame on the bad back I was suffering from at the time rather than any lack of skill on my part.

So bear with me a moment while I check what happened just up the M61...

Right! Apparently we went one up very early on in the match through Andy Watson, a goal which by all accounts was against the run of play. The Magpies equalised later on in the half as Lee Shillito became the latest in the ever growing line of ex-Mossley players to find the net against us.

And that's how the score remained until eight minutes from time when Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick put the home side in front and Chris Amadi increased the lead further. The Lilywhites managed to find the net once more but for the first time in a while a Mossley goal scored in injury time didn't have any effect on the outcome of the match.

Hang on! Why did I just I write all that when you could have read it for yourself here like I did?

* Yes, Seinfeld references on this very blog! Don't know why though because <heresy> I'm not a great fan of the programme </heresy>.


NNC said...
5:13 pm

"I'm not a great fan of the programme"

I used to like you