Thataway In Derbyshire

In case anyone is remotely interested and hasn't seen it elsewhere, posted below are links footage of Glossop's semi-final Vase win over Chalfont St Peters.

At the very least it may spark some moments of nostalgia about what it's like to reach a Wembley final. Of course that only applies to the Mossley supporters reading this and not any Stalybridge, Hyde, Droylsden or Curzon fans*.

Goals in normal and extra-time
Decisive penalties

It's interesting to note that while the local council, through "safety concerns", wanted to impose a limit of 800 people on Seel Park for the match with the Bury lodgers last season, Glossop's not quite so modern home was deemed perfectly okay for 1600 people. And, judging by the video, with no visible stewarding at all.

What a wonderful and contradictory world it is.

* I've left Ashton United out because, well because we quite like them.


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