Durham City 6 - 1 Mossley

Like an unremovable scuff mark on a skirting board this match is one that's probably best glossed over.

Mossley's initial visit to Durham in December was brought to a halt just before half-time when, with the Lilywhites a mere four goals ahead of their previously unbeaten hosts, the referee decided that the icy conditions he'd allowed the match to start in was a danger.

With Mossley fielding a much changed team for this re-match the likelihood of a similar state of affairs existing just before the interval was always going to remote and so it proved.

My non-attendance of this game means there's going to be no actual match report. If you crave one then I recommend you follow this link.

What I can do is condense however is bring you a snapshot of what happened thanks to the accounts of some of those who did go. So, in brief: Despite it being level at one apiece with the break in the game approaching, Mossley were looking the better of the two sides on show. At least that was the case until Durham edged themselves ahead just before the half-time whistle, at which point things started to go down hill in a rapid and calamitous fashion.

Two quickly became three, then four, five and six as the Mossley keeper apparently had a forty five minute spell of the whoopsies - a condition that causes euphoria in opposing and neutral fans and eye rolling amongst the followers of the infected victim.

While leaving Mossley with another 6-1 defeat to their name this season, and their third loss by five goals, it also means that they go in to the last game of the season on a run of just one point from a possible fifteen; a situation that's going to delight Rossendale who need a win to be certain of avoiding relegation.

On the cheery and positive side though Dark Lane has been a relatively good place for us to visit over the course of the last fourteen years - just one defeat in nine visits. Hopefully by this time tomorrow it will be one in ten.