Liversedge 0 - 6 Mossley

Mossley's latest friendly saw the Lilywhites take a short trip along the M62 for their first pre-season game away from Seel Park. Liversegde's Clayborn Ground was the venue

Mossley continued their run of quietly impressive pre-season results with a comfortable victory at Northern Counties East side Liversedge. In reality it was a no-win game for the Lilywhites in that they were expected to emerge victorious but 6 - 0 is a pretty emphatic scoreline - even against a side from a lower division.

The six goals scored (Lee Blackshaw, Danny Egan, an o.g. and a second half hat-trick from Michael Fish) takes the total in the friendlies so far to 29 in 5 games; 19 in Mossley's favour and 9 not. Alas there'll be no footage of these most recent six as I wasn't at the game, and there won't be any footage of another game from this weekend either.

Normally at this time of the year when I can't get to a Mossley match I'll go and watch one of the other local friendlies taking place. However I decided instead to have one last football free Saturday afternoon before the season starts. This involved:
  • Finally coming to the conclusion that the new look Mossley80 definitely won't be ready for the start of the 08/09 campaign.

  • Getting my account at to work properly nearly 10 months after first joining

  • Wondering why on earth I bothered registering an account with

  • Watching the third and final season of Arrested Development (the best sitcom in recent years, if not the last decade)

  • Watching the pre-season game between Arsenal vs Juventus which was just as funny, if only for the commentators belief that Adebayor can shoot the home side to the Premiership title. Something I'll admit is entirely possible if league points start being awarded for shots off target and looking increasingly like a half season wonder.
Finally, there is a report on the Mossley friendly on the Liversedge website but I wouldn't put too much trust in which of our players they say did what. Though not impossible I doubt that it was our goalkeeper and not Michael Fish that scored the final three goals.