Dukinfield Town 0 - 4 Mossley

Another goal for Michael Fish and another hat-trick for Danny Egan ensured that Mossley finished their pre-season campaign with another win.

And sadly that's as in-depth as the match report gets.

I was fully intending do a proper report, with maybe a video clip and a picture thrown in as well, but non-stop rain between 10:00 am and 2:00pm, the time I was due to set off to the game, put a stop to that.

Normally a prolonged spell of precipitation wouldn't stop me from attending a match but the lack of any kind of cover at Dukinfield's Blocksages ground brought unpleasant memories of last seasons FA Cup match at Cheadle flooding back (flooding being an incredibly apt verb considering the amount of water that fell from the sky that afternoon). Not about the game itself, though it was bad, but the incredibly painful backache in the hours and days afterwards brought about by the dampness.

Therefore the prospect of spending two hours stood in the pouring rain, and the forty eight after it being unable to stand up straight without some industrial strength medication, wasn't a particularly inviting one. Hence the non-attendance.

Hopefully the match was a good one. A 4-0 score line suggests it was, at least for the Lilywhites, and this result in combination with those from the other friendlies does give some cause for optimism ahead of the start of the season proper.

However, as optimism and Mossley go together like oil and water, history suggests not having any is probably the best course of action to take.

Anyway, fingers crossed, touch wood, etc. for the coming eight and a half months.