The Mossley AFC Reality Show

Between the final whistle of last season and now, seven first team regulars of the squad that won the Unibond first division title have left the club; be it through the chance to play at a higher level, disciplinary reasons or by finding themselves surplus to requirements.

It's probably a shock for everybody to see the Championship team break up so quickly and watch popular players leave the club. It probably is unfair that some of them never got the chance to show what they could do at this level but sadly that's football. There's a place for sentimentality in the game and more often than not that place is usually around the foot of the table. Has any team has achieved anything by hanging onto the past just for the sake of it?

I doubt that there's anyone of us who said last season that the team didn't need strengthening for this campaign and in order to do that players have to go. Only time will tell if the decision to release some of these players was the correct one and if the team is stronger or weaker in their absence.

Football's a transient business but it does have one constant: us - the fans. Players come and go but we're the club. We'll still be there when they're forgotten, harsh but true. Whilst we wait and see what hindsight tells us let's just wish the recently departed all the best at wherever they end up (unless of course it's FCUB) and thank them for all their efforts in the Lilywhite shirts.

And don't forget that you'll be cursing them when they inevitably score the next time they play against us.