Burscough Are Coming!

After two games 'on the road' (as Americans are fond of referring to away fixtures) Mossley return to Seel Park for their second home fixture in what people are already saying is the new football season. And making the August Bank Holiday trip to Mossley are Burscough, winners of the 2003 FA Trophy.

It has been more than a decade since the two teams last met with Burscough with past honours running pretty evenly - we've never lost to them at home and never beaten them at their place.

Previous games between the two teams have hardly been shining examples of cordiality, a 1-0 defeat at Victoria Park in the mid-90's being marred by a ninety minute verbal battle between the home support and away bench which culminated in an object being thrown at an official and both parties blaming each other for the incident. The tension wasn't helped by the fact that the referee for that game only lived a mile or so away from the ground and if he'd bent over backwards anymore for the home team the crowd would have witnessed him disappearing up his own backside.

But that's all in the past so let's hope that the renewed rivalry is a lot friendlier and that Bob Skeldon's refereeing. :)

Predictions: I could say that it's a tough game but the fact is this season is that they're all tough. A one goal win for Mossley or, at the very worst, an unlucky draw.