Marine 1 - 0 Mossley

With not being able to attend last night's game, Steven has kindly allowed me to fill the void that would have represented this match with the report he posted on the Independent Mossley Forum:

Probably got just what we deserved last night.

A better performance than Saturday, but like alot of people said on Saturday, we've strengthened the defence but don't look like we're going to score goals.

Last night Beckford set his stall out for a clean sheet, playing the same back 4 as Saturday, but he dropped Bracey. Trueman did well and had no chance with the goal.
He played Joe, Pilky and Melford in the middle of the park, with Bings and Evans on the wings, but trying to support Kenny up front when we had possession (which wasn't that often).

We had one chance in the first half, a through ball found Mayers but instead of showing composure in front of goal he tried to slide the ball past the keeper when it looked easier to either lift it over him or take it round him and score, as the keeper committed himself very early.

To be honest not alot happened in the game, and it never really livened up at all.

The closest we came to scoring was a cross from the left hand side and Garvey, on as a sub, put his header a whisker over the post and bar. Trouble was Marine went straight up the other end and scored a goal like Ilkeston's first on Saturday. I didn't have as good a view of it as Saturday but again it looked like their was no challenge and we just stood off him. Which we can't do in this division.

Marine were a good team, but that was all. I was expecting alot more from them and we certainly didn't disgrace ourselves. If we can perform with the same passion as most of our players showed last night we'll pick up points sooner rather than later.

Verdict - Defensively very good. Attacking very ordinary.

Trueman - 7 - Did everything that he was asked to do.
Thackeray - 6 - Again didn't really do anything wrong.
Edwards - 7 - Better performance than saturday (getting fitter.)
White - 7 - Solid performance again.
Bowker - 7 - Same as White.
Pilkington - 7 - Did all he could until subbed (wrongly again.)
Knight - 6 - Won plenty of balls, but passing let him down.
Shaw - 8 - Really good performance again.
Bingham - 6 - Didn't look comfortable playing on the right.
Evans - 5 - Well lets say his namesake DJ could have played better.
Mayers - 5 - Never good enough for this level.

Garvey - 6 - (on for Bings) Came close with his only chance.
Cooke - 6 - (on for Pilky) Didn't do alot apart from argue with ref.
Downey - 5 - (on for Evans) Can't really remember him touching the ball.

Lets hope first points are on the board on Saturday.

So, on their return to Crosby, Mossley leave with exactly the same scoreline as their last visit (a 1-0 defeat that proved to be Terry Curran's best result as the worst manager of the worst Mossley team. EVER!)

Two is the Sesame Street style number of the moment: two games, two defeats, two goals and second bottom. Let's hope we progress to 'three' come Saturday in terms of games and points achieved.