Grantham Town 1 - 2 Mossley

Being unable to get the game I haven't a clue what went on apart from: the home side taking the lead after being reduced to ten men, Martin Allison drawing Mossley level and an eye-patched Andy Thackeray scoring in the closing minutes.
"Yarr! A good result it was."

To here about what happened from someone who did go, visit here.

Instead of watching Mossley garner their first points of the season I joined what seemed like only another 100 people at Hurst Cross to see Aston United take on Kendal Town. And a good game it was too. I'll spare you a match report by saying:
  • Kendal scored six times - one disallowed, two in their own net and three at the right end
  • Twelve seconds after the start Kendal fans were celebrating the first goal, Ashton fans are stunned into silence (the effects of which seem to last the entire game) and I was killing myself laughing.
  • Kendal's left winger is a fantastic player, tearing his marker to pieces and was unlucky to have a goal disallowed. This appears to upset his team mates and they never give him the ball again in the entire game.
  • Ashton's defence could be prosecuted under the trade descriptions act.
  • Kendal fans should learn the adage about people in glass houses not throwing stones the next time they want to make fun of other clubs grounds.
  • Air horns should be banned from all football grounds.
  • All efforts to remain neutral went with 70 minutes left as Kendal (one goal up) started getting cocky, time wasting at every given opportunity and falling over in a heap whenever an Ashton player got within 10 yards of them.
  • Kendal's defence appears to be just as bad as Ashton's
  • The looks on the faces of the visiting players when they went 3-1 down was priceless...
  • But nothing compared to the joy of the horn falling off the aforementioned air horn.
Overall the 3-3 scoreline the game ended up at was probably a fair one but there's nothing that either side have that should worry Mossley when we come to play them.