Warrington Town 1 - 1 Mossley

National Non-League Day and I as a non-league fan wasn't at a non-league game. The shame of it, eh?

I had given some consideration to turning up at the Tameside Stadium to see hosts Curzon take on Witton Albion in the Evo-stik League. However, after mulling over the pros and cons of attending for, ooooh, about six seconds, I decided to stop at home and try to finish off Assassin's Creed II on the X-Box while listening to Tameside Radio's Saturday Sports Show.

And what a wise decision that turned out to be as not only did I finally manage to finish wandering around renaissance Italy on my games console, I also avoided a match of unbearable awfulness on Ashton Moss; 90 minutes of soul destroying football that has been lovingly documented for the ages at Beat The First Man.

Not so wise was my choice of programme to listen to on the wireless as for a sports show there was precious little in the way of sport on it. I'm not going to be too critical about it here as the lack of updates from any local games other than the ones involving Stalybridge and Hyde may just have been a one-off. Yes, there were half-time mini-reports from the Curzon and Mossley matches but there were no full-time updates and if you wanted to know the results of any game not involving Hyde or 'Bridge you had to wait till 5:45pm (an hour after the scheduled finish of the matches) to hear them.

Like I say though, it will require another listen to see if this is normal practise and I can't say it's something I'm particularly looking forward to. The thought of possibly spending another tortuous eight minutes listening to two Wet Wet Wet songs played back to back in the hope of hearing a scoreline sends quite a chill shuddering through the bones.

Oh! Mossley's match - I very nearly forgot. It was a one all draw which means the Lilywhites finally get their first point of the season and you can read about the game here. Be warned though as it does contain another tale of fluffed chances and points dropped.