Mossley 2 - 0 Witton Albion

The first goals of the new season and, thanks to not conceding any, it's Mossley's first victory of the season too.

First of all apologies for the late appearance of this little links post which was down to me completely forgetting about the game. And it's that little confession which should give you a clue to the fact that I wasn't in attendance.

Instead I was four miles away at the Tameside Stadium where Curzon Ashton were facing Congleton in the FA Cup. Before the 'real supporter' brigade start to get on their high horses (not that I care much if they do as I find it rather amusing), I didn't see any of that match either. Well, there was the occasional glimpse of the ball passing the half way line but that's all I ever saw from my vantage point within the club's function room where I was attending a wedding reception. A lovely 'do' it was too.

Anyway, back to Mossley and if you wish to know what happened in order to put the team into the next round of the FA Cup then head to Mossleyweb and Six Tame Sides. You can also visit the Witton site to see what they say if you so desire. That said, given how long this has taken to appear you've probably been and visited those three places already.

So, as an alternative, why not hop along to Up For The Cup, a blog dedicated the early rounds of the FA Cup, where you'll find a very nice piece about the game.

Mossley's reward for this victory is a short (or depending on the traffic, horrendously long) trip to the High Peaks to face Glossop North End which, given our past meetings, has all the hallmarks of being a potential banana skin. What am I saying, you can probably remove the word potential from that last sentence.

I can't finish this piece though without mentioning the following posting by eligorton which appeared on the Witton Albion forum in the week leading up to the cup fixture with Mossley:

Important game this one. Should be a piece of p*ss,Mossley have had an awful start to the season,no goals scored and a shed full against.

Hubris - the gift that keeps on giving.