AFC Fylde 0 - 2 Mossley

A 2 - 0 win in a league fixture! Away from home too! I know... wow!

I'm sorry if the incredulity contained in the opening paragraph seems somewhat unsupportive for a supporter but show me a Mossley fan who seriously thought we'd go to Fylde and win and I'll show you someone desperately trying to ignore the fact their leg wear has caught aflame.

This is what constitutes a shock. Mossley, whose league form hasn't been great, beating a side (quite convincingly too by all accounts) who've splashed a considerable sum of cash around on players during the summer might not be a result of David slaying Goliath proportions, but it is a signal to other teams that we may not be quite the pushovers our pre-game league position suggested.

However, the big question is was it a one-off? That one moment in many where fortune chooses to smile on you or is it really the start of better things? The next match should give a pointer to which of the two options is the correct one, especially as it's Skelmersdale who'll be our opponents: a bogey side if ever there was one. Although lets be honest, if you were blindfolded and stuck a pin in the club index of the Non-League Directory, 99 times out of a 100 you'd hit a team who were a bogey side for the Lilywhites.

Back to the game though and the official Mossley report on the game is situated here. The Fylde version of events can be found via this link while you can read the nice things their supporters are saying about the Lilywhites display on their forum here.

Onwards and upwards. Or onwards and downwards... you never can tell with this club.