30 Years Ago: Part Three

With the anniversary of the 1980 FA Trophy final drawing ever nearer, I've been back to the scrap books I've kept from that particular period and digitised a few more clippings. What follows are cuttings relating to the build-up to the match.

As always, just click on the images to be taken to a larger, more readable version:

The majority of them are taken from the Mossley & Saddleworth Reporter but there are a couple from the national press, including the following one which published in the News of the World on the Sunday before the match:

Interestingly, even if it is only to me, the photograph that accompanies the above article could have been one of me.

A call went around school (I was a pupil at St Joseph's at the time) asking if there was anyone who was going to the final. My hand went up, along with those belonging to a few others, and we were taken out of class and round to the ground where we were decked in hats, scarves and flags for the press photographer. Those pictures though were never used and a fleeting brush with fame passed me by.

Over the course of the next seven days I'll hopefully be putting some more clippings up on the blog relating to the game itself and the events that surrounded both it and the homecoming. There are quite a few pictures so there's a chance you'll see somebody you know looking thirty years younger.

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