New Mills 0 - 0 Squires Gate

And so ends a week of diminishing returns.

What began with a mesmeric meeting between New Mills and Newcastle and took a near vertical descent in quality with the Vodkat League Cup Final, finished back in the High Peak with New Mills and Squires Gate playing out a game of football so spectacularly dull that it almost cured my insomnia. Never before has a 0-0 scoreline so accurately reflected a match.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that both sides had a couple of half chances but for the most part the game was as lifeless as the back benches in the House of Lords. Although I'd wager that you'd see more dribbling there in the space of ninety minutes than you would have done at this game.
The only incident that sticks in the mind (and unfortunately my handkerchief and coat) is the sudden pre-match nose bleed I had. And it comes to something when your nose literally bursting in a fountain of blood is not only the highlight of the day but more fun than the match too.

In brief then, the past week of viewing NWCFL games goes as follows: excellent game -> bad game -> worse ga... Zzzzzzz!

It's a sequence which doesn't exactly bode well for the next game the 'ever desperate for a game of football' Mossley supporters will be taking in on Monday night. That said though, the masochist in me is keen to see just how bad things possibly could get.

I know, careful what you wish for...


Mike Smith said...
8:03 am

Not Glossop Reserves is it Stephen :-)